Rose Petal and Coconut Wax Melt Slices

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Rose Petal and Coconut Wax Melt Slices

Rose Petal and Coconut Wax Melt Slices... the most beautifully designed wax melts hand crafted with real petals. This wax melt is made into a sheet and broken into shards... A perfect unique piece! 

The melts are fulfilled with excitement and scent! Each wax melt lasts a good few uses but depends on how long you are burning it for and the quantity you put in. However we only use one melt per oil burner and still get the delicious smell filling the room. Each wax melt smells delicious before burning however once the wax melts the greater the smell is.

These wax melts are made from pure soy wax and high quality parafin fragrance oil.

The soy wax melt is made into an A5 sheet and will be broken, therefore you will get the full amount. 

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