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How To Make Your Wax Melts Last Longer

Wax Melts are one of the UK's most popular Home Fragrance products. Wax Melts are a great alternative to Candles and are more affordable to purchase compared to Candles. Wax Melts will fill your home with long lasting fragrances, for less cost and less of a fire risk compared to Candles. If you feel intrigued how to make your Wax Melts last longer and not waste money then read on...

Handmade Wax Melt Tarts

During our observations Wax Melts are often wasted and not used to their maximum use. People like change, often people switch their Wax Melts daily. A lot of scent is wasted but why? A lot of people do not know the tricks of Wax Melts to make the scent last longer. 

As a company we would love to make money on Wax Melts of course we would. But what is important to us is our returning customers and new customers who we can gain regular sales from, who love our products and can definitely say they are strong smelling Wax Melts. We would much prefer for you to get your full use out of your Wax Melts so you remember The Soap Gal x for providing high quality, long lasting fragrances yet affordable Wax Melts.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wax Melts

   We produced a questionnaire to see why people did not go back to a current Wax Melt Vendor. The answers were very interesting. The main answers were cost, quality and lack of fragrance. We also asked how people store their Wax Melts; again very interesting most people did not put their Wax Melts in their original packaging. 

   We highly recommend once opening your Wax Melts you store them back into their original clam shell and ensure it is sealed. This will ensure no fragrance escapes and the air does not dilute the fragrance. Clam shells being left open can allow natural home fragrances to settle onto the Wax Melts and allow fragrance to escape resulting in the Wax Melt not being as strong in fragrance.

   When you are burning your Wax Melts, the key to keeping the fragrance so strong is stirring. Stir your Wax Melts with a wooden lolly pop stick or a tea spoon. Ensure you stir your Wax Melts very slowly to avoid spillage. Keep it on a flat surface when stirring. Stirring your wax allows the fragrance to rise to the top again rather than settling at the bottom.

The scent you choose also has a massive impact in the way it burns, for example if you choose a subtle scent like Rouge this will not smell as strong as the likes of our best seller Ice Pixie. That is because Ice Pixie is a blend of strong smelling oils. 

 Style and Design

   Wax Melts come in various designs, especially in today's market, there is definitely a huge range of shapes in this industry to choose from. Wax Melts usually come in clam shell packaging. Some vendors offer Wax Melts in Cello bags. Wax Melts are often in 5 or 10 cell packaging, circles, hearts, cubes etc. 

  We chose to store our Wax Melts into both 5 or 10 cell clam shell packaging, of which is recycled plastic. We chose this style as we felt it was important to be able to use your Wax Melts easily rather than having to mess about cutting your Wax into pieces. Clam shell Wax Melts allow you to snap a piece off and pop it into your Wax Warmer without making a mess and being more time effective.

Wax Type

    There are various types of Wax which can be used to make Wax Melts. Various Wax burns in different ways which offers different effects when being melted. Wax differs within suppliers, the most common Wax's used are Soy Wax, Bees Wax, Paraffin and Gel Wax.

    Soy Wax is made from an ingredient called Soy Beans, this allows it to be a vegan safe material. Soy Wax does not make your wax have a smoky black cloud when being melted. Soy Wax is typically known as the most common Wax used for vendors. It is not toxic when being burnt and is environmentally friendly compared to other Wax's.

   Gel Wax is quite new to the market and is becoming more and more popular. Something we are looking to launch very soon. It is best known for being a clean melting wax. Once used you simply peel it out and there is zero mess.

  Paraffin Wax is personally one of my least favourite Wax ingredients. It is one of the cheapest Wax types available to buy. Most people refuse to buy paraffin wax because of the strong smoke smell which comes with it; this is due to the petroleum oil processing which comes with it.

 Pink Ice Pixie Wax Melts with biodegradable glitter

We want to change the perception of our questionnaire answers. We want people to be able to say they buy from their supplier because their Wax Melts are strongly scented, they are long lasting and they are cost effective. A lot of people with this perception buy from high street cost effective shops who sell Wax Melts for as little as 24p. These are often imported from China and made in a mass production.

We offer 100% handmade Wax Melts of which are made in house. We are proud to say we offer high quality, long lasting fragrances at an affordable price. Each Wax Melt is poured by hand of which time and effort goes into every single Wax Melt to ensure you receive high quality melts. 

We would absolutely love nothing more but to convert you to a Soap Gal Wax Melt customer. We promise to provide you with high quality Wax Melts. If you fancy a try, make sure you use code THANKYOU to get 10% off your order.

If you subscribe to our emails via the home page we always have Wax Melt offers on. We also have a points system to allow you to gain points every time you order which results in £££ off your next order.


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