All of our products are handmade, so please allow up to 12 working days for your order to made, thank you!

Perfume Soap Sponges

 Have you ever heard of or tried a Soap Sponge? You will wish you had!

It is not just soap in a sponge... these multi-functional sponges have plenty of benefits, they are super long lasting therefore money saving, less plastic so great for travelling and the environment, they have amazing exfoliating benefits which are great for natural and fake tanning purposes.

Plus they are filled with rich essential oils leaving your skin moisturised as well as exfoliated! They come in super famous won't need the real perfume again... Bargain!

We have 3 types of Soap Sponges: Exfoliating Soap Sponges, Circle Soft Soap Sponges and Lightweight Soft Soap Sponges. 

All Soap Sponges are suitable for vegans and are NOT tested on animals.  They are made with water soluble colourant so your bathroom will NOT stain. 


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