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Mop & Sink Freshener Bombs 6 Pack

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Do you love your home smelling super fresh and being super clean? Then you need to try the Mop & Sink Freshener Perfume Inspired Bombs! AS SEEN IN THE DAILY MAIL!

These Bombs are available in a wide range of very famous Perfumes & Home Cleaning scents! The Bombs have been so popular since launching and are selling out fast! 

The idea of the Mop & Sink Bombs are very similar to Bath bombs except for your floors & Sink. Great for Pet odour especially young puppies who have not mastered outdoor peeing! Also helps to rid of food odour within the sink. 

How to use:

For floors - Simply drop the Floor Freshener Mop Bomb into your mop bucket with a touch of your usual cleaner, watch them fizz, smell the insane scent and mop away!

For sinks - Pop a bomb into your sink, pour boiling water over the sink and watch them fizz! The smell will be incredible!

Come as a pack of 6! 

To be used within 6 months of purchase!