Scent and Vac Perfume Inspired Carpet Freshener

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Scent and Vac Perfume Inspired Carpet Freshener

The ultimate Carpet Freshener which will change your home forever! The Scent and Vac Carpet Freshener is designed to spruce up carpets and nourish your home with a luxurious refreshing designer scent. You will simply be obsessed! All scents are made to be as near as they can be to the original you definitely will not be disappointed. The Scent and Vac Carpet Freshener is made using the highest quality finest ingredients.

The unique handmade formula minimises bad odours, helps to lift stains, and refreshes the appearance of your chosen surface. It has plenty of uses it can be used on: carpets, upholstery, mattresses, even fabric car interiors leaving them utterly refreshed. Great for those with pets! Especially young puppies who have not mastered peeing outside!

The Scent & Vac Carpet Freshener is available in various luxurious designer scents such as: Space Ship Alien, Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin, Men’s Aventus, Women’s Aventus and many more.  We also have designer room sprays to match. 

How to use: Simply tear open the bag, sprinkle evenly over your carpets, leave for 10 minutes to let the scent nourish your carpet and finally hoover. Easy! 

All items are vegan friendly & cruelty free. 

Each bag is approximately 350g. 
Use within 6 months of purchase.

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