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Oopsie Imperfect Soap Sponges

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Enjoy an Oopsie imperfect Soap Sponge! Many Soap Sponges become imperfect during production due to not enough colour or the wrong colour being used whilst being made as all items are handmade. A perfect Soap Sponge now turned OOPS!

These Soap Sponges have simply discoloured from sunlight or maybe the perfect colour but have a different colour splodge on, these sponges are still packed full of soap & have a strong fragrance.

A great way to try new soap sponges at a sale price and help reduce waste!

*The Soap Sponge colour may differ from the product image. Exfoliating & Soft Sponges will be available to purchase. No exchanges or refunds on Oopsie Soap Sponges. Available while supplies last.*