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Mirrored Skull Plug In Wax Melt Burner

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It's time to make your home sparkle with these plug-in Wax Burners. A beautiful simplistic way to bring scents into the home. 

This flashy Mirrored Skull Plug In Wax Melt Burner will suit every home, whether it be the Grey Home, The White Home or the super Modern Home. 

How to use: The burner is very easy to use; it simply plugs straight into the socket. Pop your wax melts into the top, turn on and allow to melt. Let the beautiful scent fill your home. 

Safety Recommendation: It is advised with caution to keep the burners away and out of reach of children and pets. We recommend using the burners in the kitchen which is a safe location above ground level. 

The Plugin burners come with a 15W Halogen bulb. 

Available in beautiful designs which will suit every home, please see our other options. 

Please note these burners are best to be used with Squeezy Wax.