The Soap Gals

Candyfloss & Marshmallow Wax Melt

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Candyfloss & Marshmallow Wax Melts. A mouthwatering aroma with juicy strawberry puree along with ripened raspberries on a fluffy sugar, vanilla and musk base. The perfect Summer Wax Melt.

Strong, long-lasting luxe Wax Melt Snap Bars in a wide range of fragrances. One cube of The Soap Gal cubes typically gives up to 12-18 hours of scent.

Luxury Wax Melts to create the perfect finishing touch to your home.

All Wax Melts are made with high quality expensive Eco Soy Wax and biodegradable glitters to help prevent harm to the environment. Molded into a recycled plastic clamshell.