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Candle Design LED Aroma Diffuser

The Soap Gals

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Candle Design LED Aroma Diffuser - The Soap Gals
Candle Design LED Aroma Diffuser - The Soap Gals
Candle Design LED Aroma Diffuser - The Soap Gals
Candle Design LED Aroma Diffuser - The Soap Gals

This romantic candle design diffuser will bring nothing but joy to your home, with an expensive exquisite look creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere and refreshing your home with only the best scents. This diffuser works for 5-8 hours.

This incredible diffuser has amazing technology that provides your home with quiet mist which moisturises dry skin and aids to improve breathing within winter. It also has the added benefit of improving sleep disturbances, due to the natural aromas bringing peace and relaxation to the environment allowing the mind to not focus on daily stresses. This diffuser is made from safe and health friendly materials to provide no harm to the body during use.

The diffuser contains:
1 Ultrasonic diffuser humidifier, 1 USB cable, 1 user manual.

How to use:

Please follow user manual. Add water, Connect USB, Turn on.

Maintenance instruction: 
To enable the mist you must ensure the spring wire is added to the cotton swabs. User Manual explains in more detail. Add appropriate amount of water, maximum water amount is 280ml. Clean and change the swabs regularly.  

Please Note:

Please read the user manual to enable correct use of the diffuser. Please use the diffuser on a stable flat surface to ensure the diffuser does not fall, as the contents will spill. Please avoid direct contact with the face. Keep out of children’s reach. Please note our home diffusers are for PRE ORDER ONLY, delivery can take up to 3 weeks from factory order. We aim to get the diffusers out as soon as possible. 

Essential oils are not provided with the diffuser.

8 X 12.5cm. Weight 154g.


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