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Bubble Bars

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NEW IN BUBBLE BARS... In the style of a Wax Melt! These Bubble Bars are in between a Soap & a Bath Bomb, they are very vibrant & strong fragranced but are not as strong fizzing as your typical Bath Bomb; They are a foaming bath bomb. Filled with Shea butter they will leave your skin moisturised. These can also be used in the shower as a shower steamer!

 In the current climate everyone is being a little bit more careful with their money and where they may be hesitant to use a bath bomb which in one bath has gone the new Bubble bars can be used for up to 5 baths! Use one snap and have 5 baths for 79p per bath or use the whole bar for an extravagant bath.  You simply take off the section you want to use and hold it under warm running water. 

The bar is in a handy clamshell which protects the bar between uses, simply snap it closed again to keep your bar in the best condition.  The clamshell itself is made from recouped PET which is made from 88% recylcled plastics, the remaining 12% is made from virgin polymer and so food grade.  The container is fully recycleable and so you can put it in your recycling when it is finished with.