FIVER FRIDAY EXTENDED - ANY 2 WAX SNAP BARS £5.00 - All our products are handmade, so please allow up to 10 working days for your order to made, thank you!

Luxe Edition Wax Melts

The new and exclusive Luxe Edition Wax Melts have launched and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

It’s time to bin those high street wax melts and blast your home with high quality ultra strong scents. 

The Squeezy Wax Bottles hold the same amount of Wax as 2 Snap Bars. 

The Wax Snap Bars scents last between 12 - 18 hours per snap cube which is less than 60p per cube. Give your home the statement it needs with The Soap Gal’s new Range of Wax Melts. 

All Wax Melts are vegan friendly and cruelty free. All wax is hand poured in house and made with high quality Eco Soy Wax and biodegradable glitters to prevent harm to the environment. 

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