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Scent & Vac Carpet Freshener & Mop Bombs Set

The Soap Gals

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Scent & Vac Carpet Freshener & Mop Bombs Set - The Soap Gals

The only way to keep your home smelling super clean and refreshed. Try the Mop & Sink Freshener Bombs & the Scent & Vac Carpet Freshener.

Both products are very popular and are available in home, perfume or aftershave scents. 

Great for Pet odour, smoke odour, foul smells. Also helps to rid of food odour within the sink. 

How to use:

For floors - Simply drop the Floor Freshener Mop Bomb into your mop bucket with a touch of your usual cleaner, watch the fizz, smell the insane scent and mop away!

For sinks - Pop a bomb into your sink, pour boiling water over the sink and watch the fizz! The smell will be incredible! Come as a pack of 4! 

Carpet Freshener: Simply open the bottle, sprinkle evenly over your carpets, leave for 10 minutes to let the scent nourish your carpet and finally hoover. 300ml premium quality shaker bottles used.


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