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Bin Buddi Bin Freshener

The Soap Gals

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Bin Buddi Bin Freshener - The Soap Gals

Bin Buddi will change your home forever! Bin Buddi is designed to refresh your bins and nourish your home with a luxurious refreshing scent which lasts for hours. Bin Buddi can be used for indoor and outdoor bins. It helps to combat food odours, flies and maggots. 

You will simply be obsessed! All scents are made to be as near as they can be to the original you definitely will not be disappointed. The Bin Buddi Bin Freshener is made using the highest quality finest ingredients. We recommend using a Citronella Citrus scent to combat flies during the summer months. 

How to use: Simply tear open the bottle, sprinkle into your bin bag if used in an indoor bin or directly into the bin for outdoors, leave in. Easy! 

We also specialise in other Home Fragrances such as: Scent & Vac Carpet Freshener, Hard Floor Freshener Fizzing Mop Bombs, Room Sprays, Wax Melts and Drain Freshener Bombs. 

All items are suitable & cruelty free. 

Each bottle is approximately 320g. 
Use within 6 months of purchase.

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